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Move files to a datetimestamped folder.

Accessing a folder that contains lots of files, such as an archive folder, can take up a lot of time. By splitting up this folder into (datetimestamped) subfolders, the access time will increase.


DirArchive [-d <path>] [-o <number>] [-p <prefix>] [-s {d|w|m|y}] [-t]
[-v] [-w {mon|tue|wed|thu|fri|sat|sun}] <file>
-d <path> Destination folder.
By default the archive folder is a subfolder of the source file. This argument will allow the use of a different destination of the archive folder. Relative direction is allowed and will be relative from the view of the current directory.
-o <number> Move files that are the given number of days old or older.
By default the utility will move all files to the archive folder regardless of the age of the file. With this option in place, the utility will only look at files older the the given number of days.
Note: When the number is 0 or not valid, the utility will abort.
-p <prefix> Put the given text a prefix of the archive folder.
Enclose the name between dubble quotes (") to be able to use the space character.
-s {d|w|m|y} Splitting argument.
By default the files will be moved to the datetimestamped archive folder based on a weekly periode. This option will change the splitting argument to daily (d), weekly (w), monthly (m) or yearly (y).
-t Switch to test mode.
Putting on this switch will disable the actual moving of the files for testing purposes.
-v Switch to verbose mode.
Show the files that have been moved. By default the names are not shown.
-w {mon|tue|wed|thu|fri|sat|sun} Start of the week.
By default the utility will take monday as start of the week. This option will set the given day as start of the week.
<file> File (mandatory) to be moved to the timestamped subdirectory. Pathname and wildcards are allowed.

The file(s) which match the File parameter will be moved.


This program will not move directories or files in subdirectories.


This program reports only the names of the files which can't be moved.

Type of software

This program is freeware. If you like this program or have any sugestions, please send me an e-mail. If you like, I will send you a message if there is a new version of this utility.


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